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Listen to what our customers are saying: Kids Sew Too

"Indemand Sales & Solutions has been a great help. I asked for a simple clean page and that is exactly what I got. One of the more amazing things I have seen to date is their abiltity to get their customers ranked highly in the searh engines. Well recommended!"

Maureen Dooley, Kids Sew Too

Indemand Sales & Solutions Website Showcase

Our competitors will only list their high end website projects while hoping to convince you that they only do high end work. Others will show you websites that look good until you learn that they are cookie cutter sites that are used over and over again. We only wish to show you that we can develop websites to suite YOUR needs. Not everyone has a large budget or the desire to have all the fancy bells and whistles. Our primary goal is to help you make YOUR website and not another carbon copy or template website that has no meaning to you. We design your site to your specifications and offer suggestions and expert knowledge to help you avoid the many web design pitfalls along the way. While viewing our showcase section, you can clearly see that we design the site YOU want and not the one we want to build. In the showcase sites below, you will see a cross section of sites that we have worked on which demonstrate several different design concepts. Some of these sites are here to demonstrate functionality, some creativity and others the extensive programming options available to you.

We hope you enjoy viewing this small sampling of the projects and we look forward to working with you in the near future.



Customer Comments

Marvin Wood Sold .com
Showcase: Marvin Wood Sold .com

I have been a successful Realtor in Duncan for 23 years, and for the past several years, I have used the services of for my promotional web page. I have been extremely satisfied with the services of , in particular with the programming and knowledge and creative ability of Chris Carreck -- who I highly recommend. I believe that to be successful in real estate sales one needs to stay in the forefront with technology in order to have an edge or advantage over the competition. I firmly believe that and Chris Carreck have helped me to achieve this. For more proof look at my web pages, and -- designed and continually updated by Chris

Clement Real Estate .com
Showcase: Clement Real Estate .com

As a realtor my web-page is a very important marketing tool. Chris Carreck, does a first class job of designing, maintaining and updating my easy to navigate website He also resolves any technical and computer issues that come along. I simply email updates to Chris and he looks after the rest. His service is always handled in a professional, diligent, quick, efficient, and very courteous manner. chris @ indemand .net offers great value for my promotional dollar. He is always there to help me out. is a valuable asset to my business.

Sports Pool .com
Showcase: Sports Pool .com

We have an extensive database driven website that is ever changing. Before moving to Indemand Sales and Solutions many hours each week was dedicated to maintenance, now with their improved scripting, I spend only a few hours a month on maintenance which allows me to do more important work. Indemand Sales and Solutions never fails to impress.

EmiGreat .com
Showcase: EmiGreat .com

As an Emigration and Relocation company we had a vision of how we would like our website to look but we wasn't sure how possible this was. Chris Carreck at has not only made it possible he has taken our website beyond our vision. He listened to our needs, he offered suggestions and ideas and most of all has linked into our vision and produced what we can only describe as a sleek, easy to use, professional website. Chris is only an e-mail away if we need to update or change anything and the service he provides is first class. We have no hesitation in recommending to design your website. Check out to see one of their great designs.

Valley Health and Fitness .ca
Showcase: Valley Health and Fitness .ca

Indemand offers true proffesional web-design and search engine optimization services. We couldn't be more happy with the layout and prompt growth of our website. The excitement of watching your webpage change and grow before your eyes is undeniable

Manage My Listings .com
Showcase: Manage My Listings .com

We started a business partnership with Indemand and we have been extremely pleased with the results! Entering the initial meeting, we only knew that we wanted a website, but really had no idea what we could do with it. Chris and David walked us through the entire process, helping us create a plan focusing on our current needs, but helped us create a vision into the future. They helped us create a website that allows users to sign up and create their own content without any involvement or my staff. I feel confident with Indemandís experience and knowledge with respect to design and marketing, allowing me to concentrate on building and operating my business.

Kids Sew Too
Showcase: Kids Sew Too

Indemand Sales & Solutions has been a great help. I asked for a simple clean page and that is exactly what I got. One of the more amazing things I have seen to date is their abiltity to get their customers ranked highly in the searh engines. Well recommended!

Darrell Paysen .com
Showcase: Darrell Paysen .com

I've been selling real estate for 20 years and one thing I appreciate is someone who delivers on their promises. InDemand Sales helped design my web page and of course maintains it for me. Any changes I request are done in a timely fashion, and I have had a number of positive comments about my site. I have no problem recommending InDemand Sales. Visit my site at and see for yourself.

Solar Sales
Showcase: Solar Sales

Our primary focus is to encourage viewers to learn more about the benefits of solar power. To create our online presence we chose Indemand. Indemand provided us with excellent service, and a willingness to work on a strict time schedule. Thanks to them, we're back on schedule.

Electric Green Planet .com
Showcase: Electric Green Planet .com

It is important for our website to tell the world about alternative energy sources that burn clean and fossil free. The design of our website is simple and easy to navigate allowing our users to focus on the content. Our website was an afterthought; we were attending a tradeshow and realized that we really needed an online presence. We contacted and after a few emails back and forth, the website concept was online within a few days! Thank you for your efforts!

C.E. Craig & Associates
Showcase: C.E. Craig & Associates

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Sports Moz Directory
Showcase: Sports Moz Directory

Clean and efficient, the design is still underway but excellent work so far!

Carreck Entertainment
Showcase: Carreck Entertainment

The website is a fun site that was inspired by a couple of friends from work. Though I have not contributed much to the theme or the content it is still a fun website. The basic idea was to create a website that users could come and chat about movies and celebrities. Unfortunately, due to the large demands on my time with respect to my customer's websites, I haven't invested enough time to make it a great show piece. The basic design elements are there, search engine optimization, database work, mysql, php programming as well as mod rewrite. View with the understanding that given more time it might become a much better showcase. Animal Rescue
Showcase: Animal Rescue was my present to my youngest daughter Carleigh. Carleigh is an inspirational young lady who through her hard work and dedication has saved many animals from sickness, injury and disease. She inspired me to turn into a pet rescue website. This website is in InDemand Sales and Solutions showcase as much to showcase the website as to bring attention to the great work by my daughter!

Gorge Chiropractic
Showcase: Gorge Chiropractic

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Peter B. Jacquemin Consulting Services
Showcase: Peter B. Jacquemin Consulting Services

Chris at InDemand did a top-notch job creating a professional website for my new engineering consultant business. Thank you Chris for leading me through the process and explaining how to optimize the effectiveness of the site. My wife and I enjoyed meeting you and Dave to discuss the look of the site, content, marketing, safety, etc. and appreciate your attention to detail and responsiveness to my needs. You are great people to brainstorm and do business with!

Canda Debt
Showcase: Canda Debt

Bankruptcy can be a difficult topic for people to understand and help with. The Canada Debt concept was especially difficult because I knew the content but I had no idea what look or feel I wanted for the website. I struggled between a simple classic look versus a flashy commercialized design which I do not particularly like. Chris and David at InDemand really knew how to walk me through the process of designing not only a functional website but a site that is user and search engine friendly. They took my ideas and made them better than I thought they could be. I would like to thank both of you for your dedication and perseverance through what most assuredly was a difficult website design.

Shopping mall web site
Avidshopper - Online Shopping Mall
Avid Shopper Online shopping center

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Victoria Bankruptcy
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Pool Courses .com
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Robs Hauling .com
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Local Builders 411 .com
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Foreclosure Real Estate .com
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Bad Credit Card Debts .com
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Escape From Bankrutpcy .com
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2Dawgs .com
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Super Jerseys .com
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Canucks World .com
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Trading Material .com
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