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Custom Scripts & Programming by Victoria's InDemand.net

A scripting language, script language or extension language, is a programming language that allows some control of a single or many software application(s). "Scripts" are often treated as distinct from "programs", which execute independently from any other application. At the same time they are distinct from the core code of the application, which is usually written in a different language, and by being accessible to the end-user they enable the behavior of the application to be adapted to the user's needs. Scripts are often, but not always, interpreted from the source code or "semi-compiled" to bytecode which is interpreted, unlike the applications they are associated with, which are traditionally compiled to native machine code for the system on which they run. Scripting languages are nearly always embedded in the application with which they are associated.

What type of custom scripting do you require for your website?

  • Are looking for someone to create a special feature on your website?
  • Have you seen a website tool on another website and thought you would like to have something similar?
  • Would you like a Java script or fully interactive database driven utility on your website?
  • Though of a great utility but do not have the skills to create it?
We can help you add that special feature to make your website stand out from the competition!

Find a experienced professional website programmer

Custom scripting can be difficult and finding someone who has experience in programming is important. Many amateurs create custom scripts without ever realizing that the code used is causing significant loads or slow downs on their web server. Poorly compiled scripts can cause significant problems for your host, your website and the people sharing your web server.

Enhanced Database Programming

Advanced websites intergrate databases into their websites to maximize management ease and utilize the powerful tools databases can provide. We use current installations of MySQL and PHP to seamlessly integrate your database information directly into the website. Our experienced programmers can offer you these powerful options very reasonably, contact us today to get a quote today!