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Search engine Optimization: Improve search engine rankings

InDemand Sales and Solutions can improve your search engine rankings and we will guarantee it in writing! We have helped our customers achieve the results they desire and increasing their search engine placement. There is no secret wand, there are no tricks or gimmicks for search engine marketing. It takes hard work, planning, and experience to achieve your targeted traffic goals. We can provide your websites with search engine optimization that will increase TARGETED traffic to your site. The process is simple. First decide the keywords you wish to target. Email us the list along with the goals you would like to achieve and we will respond via email with our quote. Each search engine optimization project varies depending on the keywords selected, your current website status with respect to the search engines, and of course time needed to perform the task.

We work with you for your search engine ranking goals!

We are very reasonably priced as we will not gouge you for extra time. We only bill for the time spent actively working on your website. We will not use disreputable techniques that could get not only you banned from the search engines but ourselves as well. We work with you every step of the way helping you develop your keyword content program, implementing the keywords across your site using various methods and guiding you towards your goals.

Search Engine Optimization doesn't have to be expensive

Search engine optimization can take a lot of time to perform to get the desired results. You have our personal guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results. We will not guarantee first place rankings for your keyword searches, but we will guarantee that you will at least double your traffic from the search engines over the course of a year. Some of our clients have be been pleased by increases over 500% in only 8 months spending only $500.00 a month.

InDemand.net will increase your search engine rankings by:

  • For as little as $159.99 a month your site will get a dramatic increase in TARGETED search engine traffic.
  • For $159.99 a month, following our content guidelines, the program we develop together will double your traffic!
  • With a proper program in place you will rank for several different search engine targeted keyword set
  • Improved search engine ranking and double your website traffic, this is our Search Engine Optimization Guarantee!*

* This process does take time to become fully effective. After the optimizing is complete, the search engines will have to re-index your website, and additional modifications may be required.

Additional Optimization Services

Google Sitemaps are an effective way to let Google know exactly which pages you feel should be indexed (usually this is a full indexing of your site). By providing Google with a single location containing all of your websites URL's, this increases the chances for you to have any changes indexed faster, and to provide a more complete listing of your website within Google. Google Sitemaps are not regular sitemaps, in that the sitemap that is created for Google is registered with them for security. We will happily provide you with a Google Sitemap and provide details on how to register it, or we can handle the entire process for you, the choice is yours.

Complete Website Link Checks are crucial to ensure your website receives the maximum ranking and traffic from the search engines. It also allows your visitors to browse throughout the site without hitting error pages and leaving in frustration. We provide a full breakdown of all the URL's your website links to locally (ie: the other pages in your site). This process can take hours for a larger site, but for a small fee you can have a report that tells you exactly the status of your site's links, whether there are any breaks, which pages contain error, and more.

If you have any questions or if you would like a quote please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.