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Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is an often used term on the internet these days. Everybody is talking about needing it but what exactly is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is simply the process of streamlining a specific webpage(s) on a website to make search engines cache the keywords and phrases that you have pre-selected. These cached or stored keywords are stored along with the webpage URL are ranked and then displayed in the search engines results when a user searches for your keywords.

Put like this, search engine keyword optimization sounds easy but there are many variables that can adversely affect your website rankings. A simple spelling mistake, or a word used that has two definitions and you might not get the results you expect. I have seen legitimate sites indexed under completely inappropriate content for simply using the wrong word in a sentence. I admit this is a drastic example, but be aware of the possible problems, it may be a rare but most sites are ranked incorrectly or not ranked at all due to poor keyword content choices. Poor choice of keywords can have you ranked for searches that your customers are not using to locate you. If you are selling widgets but your keywords have you ranked for gadgets your potential customers will not find you.

Search engine optimization can be fun! I treat it like a game where I try to come up with the keywords I think my users are searching for and then I build my pages with that in mind. There are times where I look good, my pages all rank for the keywords I pre-selected and I watch how well they succeed. Then there are times where I think I have the key search terms my targeted customers are going to use, only to get no results, whereby I tear it down and rebuild the page / section. It takes a lot of time to build a well designed page with proper keywords and search terms built in. Do not be frustrated if your first attempts do not succeed. With the proper attitude and a healthy work ethic you can be successful!