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Where in Victoria BC can you go to find a full service website design company that handles, Domain Registration, Domain Hosting, Website Design, Graphics Design, Custom Scripting, Database Work, Network Services and Search Engine Marketing? is Victoria's premiere internet services company!

InDemands Mission

Our mission is to provide customers with the best internet development options focusing on providing exemplary customer service at a price that is excellent. We specialize in providing the latest and most reliable custom scripts, html coding, Domain Registration, Domain Hosting, Website Design, Graphics Design, Database Work, Network Services and Search Engine Marketing.

Each web design and custom script creation project is different and pricing varies depending upon the difficulty. A generic site can cost as little as $200 and run up as much as $500 or more, again depending on the options you desire. Special discounted pricing is available, when contacting us for a quote please try and give us as much information as possible to help ensure accuracy.

Please fill out our contact form with information regarding your website needs and a sales rep will contact you with in 24 hours.

Information that is useful to include

  • Current website address
  • Do you need a domain registered or hosted
  • Brief description of what you would like changed or a basic design idea if we are starting fresh.
  • Number of pages, including main page, contact pages, service pages, and content pages
  • Do you need us to design logo's, buttons, roll over images or other graphical images.
  • Are you supplying the content for the website. The more content you can provide in text form will reduce your costs
  • Do you require specialty scripts like calculators, data base management tools, secure access, forms... please explain
  • Would you like us to set up your page to be search engine friendly
  • Keywords you would like to target for the search engines
  • Would you like to set up an monthly search engine optimization program.

We realize that you cannot always determine ahead of time what you are going to require. Many web site original plans change once the design process starts but the more information you have given us help ensure we design the perfect website for you.