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Do I need to optimize my website?

  • Should I use Search Engine Optimization on my website?
  • Can I make my website Search Engine Friendly on my own?
  • Will I actually get more traffic is I optimize my website?
  • Does Search Engine Optimization make that big a difference?

These are all valid questions and all of these search engine optimization questions can be answered with one resounding word... Yes!

As I have told my clients over the years, websites do not not sell themselves and you can only increase traffic and search engine rankings by developing a search engine optmization plan. With the proper attention to all of your website content by experienced and trained search engine optimization professionals your site will grow and develop increased traffic and search engine rankings. There are very few cases on today's internet where you are the only content writer in a particular subject so keyword optimizing is very important to help you stand out. You should never rely on being the only website in a targeted content field as this is a website model destined to fail. Eventually, sites that are lucky enough to be unique find competitors that move in, who more often then not have the knowledge and search engine optimization skills to market their websites and take your traffic. Sooner or later even the sites that rely solely on the organic search engine results, with no search engine planning will find themselves on the outside looking in.

If you are still not convinced, then consider this. Your website is in essence is a business venture. Your URL (Domain name / website address) is for all tense and purposes your street address. Your email address is your phone number. Can you see a pattern developing? Your search engine optimization is your advertising. What successful business owner would open their retail outlet without placing lettering in the windows, a sign out front or advertise in the yellow pages? Search engine optimization is as important to your website business as advertising is to your retail store downtown.

Search engine optimization may not be the only option for your website but it is arguably the most important step to building a successful website. The difference between an optimized site and one that is not could be 10,000 unique visitors a day or more to your site. So even if you are not looking to make money off of your site, having the ability to get people to your pages can make a big difference in getting your information to the internet community or not.

One of my sites before optimization was doing well, or so I thought, consistently having 100 unique visitors a day. This website was just for hobby but with the modest traffic levels generated, I decided to develop a search engine optimization plan to become more search engine friendly and to see how successful the website could eventually become. The website after only 5 months has gone from 100 unique visitors a day to over 3000 a day and still growing rapidly. With our improved search engine rankings which have resulted in traffic levels increasing each and every month, we are constantly being approached by companies looking for advertising opportunities with us. What was once a small hobby site, built for a few of my friends has grown into a very large site with lots of content and decent advertising revenue generated each month. Not bad for a hobby site. It's a lot work but in the end the results speak for themselves!

Do not sell your business short. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars a month to get great results but the more you spend "wisely" the more benefit you can have. Do not just spend money needlessly, take your time, do some research and make intelligent marketing moves. There are many businesses who claim to be search engine optimizers, that make outrageous claims which seem impossible and in most cases they are exactly that, impossible!. Don't be afraid to ask questions, get second and third opinions, if a prospective business partner cannot answer your questions or refuses to, you probably shouldn't do business with them anyway.

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