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How is Search Engine Optimization done

How is Search Engine Optimization done?

There are many factors that need to be considered to effectively market your website to the search engines. I cannot go into each and everyone but I will give you the basics.

Before you start you need to have a plan. The more you know in advance of writing your content the better off you are. What is your goal for the page? What is your topic going to be? What keywords are you targeting? If you are unsure what key words to use try using a keyword selection tool live the one found at Overture http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/ It will help you figure out what keywords to target. Hint: It is not always best to target keywords or phrases that have thousands of website competing for the traffic. The best keyword or phrase is the one that have less competition.

Create your own original content. Do not get lazy and steal content from someone else. A couple of bad things can occur if you use this model for building your website. One you could receive a cease and desist letter from an overpaid lawyer who has nothing better to do then file lawsuit after lawsuit piling you with paperwork and worse yet costing you money in court fees. Don't think this cannot happen because it can and does frequently enough to warrant consideration. Another problem that can occur is that you could be penalized in the search engine rankings. Google for example, has a duplicate content filter that it uses to catch content thieves. If you have one page of duplicated content you might have that page removed from the Google index, but if your site has several duplicate content pages you might end up banned from the search engines all together. Best bet is to create your own original content. Be creative, be inventive and do not be too concerned with how it may read to others. As long as the sentence structures are in tact and there are no obvious spelling errors, most people will not even notice or care. After all the reason they have come to your site is to read about something they are interested in.

When writing content use your keywords more often then you would in normal writing. Do not overuse these keywords either but make use of your keywords often enough that the search engines will not have a problem finding your keywords and then storing your keywords.

When writing content try to put your keywords in the meta tags such as the header, the site description, keyword, use keyword phrases, put above the page fold, below the fold, in bold, italics, in h1, h2, h3, h4, underlined, in a link and to a high ranking relevant page like www.keyword.com. If you use most of these techniques your page will be successful.

Fill in all of your alt tags. Alt tags are used as a description for your images. Pictures are worth a thousand words to you and me but to a search engine they mean nothing. So without a description you are not telling the search engine anything useful about your site. <a href="http://www.indemand.net/"><img src="http://www.indemand.net/images/keyword.gif" width="28" height="28" alt=" Keywords are important to search engine optimization " border="0"> </a>

It has been debated but when I create a page I try and put it into a folder or name the page after a keyword that I am targeting. If I am targeting keywords then I might use http:www.indemand.net/keywords.php or http://www.indemand.net/keywords/index.php There is no direct evidence that this works but I find I have better search engine results when I create my pages using these guidelines.