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Website Search Engine Optimization Pricing

You probably have a website that you have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on, and you have come here to find out why it does not perform as well as you intended in the search engines. The number one reason customers come to is to have our optimization team work on generating traffic from your website!

Here are the options we have available:

Basic Service: $20.00 per page (Discounts available for entire websites)

The first step in generating website traffic is to optimize each page for the search engines. For this we need your help to learn the keywords and phrases you would like to rank well for. We go through all the HTML and code on your website and implement SEO techniques that will help you get results.

Advanced Service: $30 per page (Discounts available for entire websites)

Using many of the techniques used in the basic service, we take it one step further and re-write much of the code and content to ensure the most optimum website keyword density and optimization.

Gold Service Plan $159.99 per month (Discounts available for term contracts)

Using all the techniques of the basic and advanced service we also monitor your search engine rankings on a monthly basis and make adjustments to your website as needed. The idea is not to panic but to keep on top of how the search engines are viewing your website and adjust accordingly.

Platinum Service Plan $350.00 per month (Discounts available for term contracts)
Using the techniques of the basic, advanced and Gold service plan we increase the frequency of the adjustments as well as develop marketing plans that will dramatically increase your exposure and rankings in the search engines. With the platinum service we monitor your service on a weekly basis making sure that your web pages are producing as expected!

Google Sitemaps Services - $12.95
Receive your fully generated sitemap that is compatible with Google's Sitemap services. No layout of formatting concerns, no need to worry about missing pages, everything you need to take advantage of this excellent feature from google.

Active Link Checking Report - $9.95
Rather than take hours going through every link of your website, let our automated processes do it for you. You'll receive a report telling you the status of every link and page on your website, where the errors are and what needs to be fixed.