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Setting up Outlook Express as your email client

Configure Outlook Express Email
Open Outlook Express
--> Tools
--> Accounts
--> Add
--> Mail
--> Enter Display Name (This is how people you email will see you ie John Smilth)
--> Next
--> Enter Email Address (youremail@yourdomain.com)
--> Next
--> Enter Incoming Mail: yourdomain.com
--> Enter Outgoing Mail: yourdomain.com
--> Next
--> Enter Account Name: youremail (Leave off @yourdomain)
--> Enter Password: yourpassword
--> Next
--> Finish
--> Select your email account (Something like yourdomain.com)
--> Properties (Found on right)
--> Select Server Tab
--> Check My server requires authentication (last check box)
--> Select Advanced Tab
--> Change Outgoing Mail (SMTP) to 2525
--> Apply
--> OK